Lab Members

Joshua Corbin, Associate Director of the Center for Neuroscience Research

Joshua G. Corbin, Ph.D.

Associate Director of the Center for Neuroscience Research and Principal Investigator at the Children’s National Research Institute at the Children’s National Health System

Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Pharmacology, and Physiology, GW SMHS

Ph. D. from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

B.A. from Rutgers University

Heidi Matos Galicia, Post-Doctoral Fellow


Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Universidad Central del Caribe: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

M.A. in Educational Neuroscience from Inter-American University: San Juan, Puerto Rico

B.A. in Psychology from University of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Li Wang, Assistant Research Faculty


Assistant Research Professor, Department of Pediatrics, GW SMHS                                            Center for Neuroscience Research, Children’s National Research Institute

Manager of Animal Neurobehavioral Evaluation Core, DC-IDDRC

Ph.D. in Psychology, Behavior & Neuroscience from McMaster University: Hamilton, Canada

M.D. at Qilu Medical School, Shanda University in Jinan, China

Elena Tenore, Lab Manager for the Center for Neuroscience Research


B.S. in Biology from the  College of William and Mary

Allison Rusk, Graduate Student

Alliison corbin lab website

Candidate for Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences from The George Washington University

B.S in Neuroscience from Christopher Newport University

David Hernandez Pineda, Research Assistant

Hernandez-Pineda (1)

B.S. in Biological Sciences from The George Washington University

Isabella Atrachji, Undergraduate Student

Isabella Atrachji

Majoring in Public Health and Minoring in Chemistry at The George Washington University

Alumni Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Maria Jesus Herrero (Tokyo, Japan)

Livio Oboti

Julieta Lischinsky (Post-Doctoral Fellow in The Lin Lab at New York University, New York, NY)

Katie Sokolowski  (FDA Fellow, Washington, DC)

Brandon Martin (AAAS Fellow, Washington, DC)

Kevin Jones (Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI)

Rebecca Vislay (Senior Peer Review Associate at Kaufman Wills Fusting Editorial Services)

Shigeyuki Esumi (Instructor, Kumamoto University, Japan)

Luis Olmos-Serrano (Medical Writer, Medspace)

Tsutomu Hirata (Senior Research Fellow, Ehime University, Japan)

Rosalind Carney (Biology Content Editor, American Institutes of Research; Adjunct Asst. Professor, Ann Arundel Community College)

Graduate Students:

Julieta Lischinsky (Received Ph.D. from The George Washington University)

D.R. Mawhinney

Sebila Kratovac (Writer and editor, Open Mirrors)

Laura Cocas (Assistant Professor, Cal State Los Angeles)

Kelly McVearry (Chief Scientific Officer, Ekagra Technologies)

Undergraduate Students and Research Technicians:

Luke Tsai (Candidate for M.D. at University of Toledo: College of Medicine and Life Sciences)

Wendolin Martinez (Undergraduate Student at University of New Mexico)

David Saxon (Candidate for M.D./Ph.D. at Georgetown University)

Meredith Goodrich (Candidate for Masters of Science in Nursing at Georgetown University)

Jenny Lee (Undergraduate student at Brown University)

Saarthak Sethi (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology)

Mena Mohamed (Graduate in Neuroscience from George Mason University)

Albino Giovanni Folcarelli (Undergraduate student at Columbia University)

Brandon Corydon (Undergraduate Student at University of Maryland)

Meera Krishnamoorthy (Undergraduate Student at University of Maryland)

Tuyen Tran (B.S. from The George Washington University)

Margaret Carter (Undergraduate at American University)

Miranda Eaves-Leaños (Undergraduate, Carnegie Mellon University)

Sherri Chanelle-Brighthaupt (Undergraduate at Columbia University)

Jennifer-Martinez Cruz (Garfield High School, Maryland)

Manar Zaghula (PhD Student, Baylor University)

Daniel Feldman

Andrew Lam (M.D., University of Virginia)

Yasmin Kamal (MD/PhD Student at Dartmouth Medical)

Kevin Mansfield (MD Resident, University of Louisville)

Ho Tuan (CEO, Mira)